Yukari no Ki

Yukari no Ki is a day facility for disabled people, especially the most heavily disabled individuals who need such medical care as tube feeding and suctions.

Yukari no Ki operates according to the following principle: Each disabled person has a unique set of needs and should have access to a set of activities tailor-made to those needs. Therefore those attending the facility will not be made to do the same activities together at the same time. Of course, there will be a certain number of group activities but as far as possible our staff will work with each user in ways that will enhance that individual’s physical and psychological well-being.

Yukari no Ki will also support family members of severely disabled people. The family, especially mothers of disabled, often find it very difficult to maintain their daily life, so that going to work or pursuing their own education and other personal activities become all-but impossible. Yukari no Ki will stand by such family members in their efforts to get back to their own lives while knowing that their child is in good care each day.