The Kerriablog

Hi, this is the Kerriablog.

This blog will post articles on such themes as “Gourmet foods”, “Travel”, “Current Events” and/or “History”, written by the Kerria Project members and occasional guest writers. The purpose of the articles is to compile some ideas for daily activities at Yukari no Ki as well as to provide something the general audience would enjoy reading.

Members of the Kerria Project include some people who were born and grew up outside Japan as well as some Japanese nationals who have spent substantial time overseas, and we hope to present some new experiences for the audience through the articles.

The Kerriablog

Donated Artworks for Sale

The Kerria Project has been fortunate enough to receive donations of no less than 9 original artworks, by 7 ext...
The Kerriablog

How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus

We have uploaded a YouTube video on "How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus". If you have a google account, please ...
The Kerriablog

The Mountain Hut of Kurobe (Part II)

Hi, this is Staff T., and hereis the second part of my “The Bandits of Kurobe” article. The Hut of Mitsumata and th...
The Kerriablog

Mount Tomuraushi, Hokkaido

Hi. This is “Staff T” from The Kerria Project. In this article, I’d like to show you some photos from Mount Tomuraus...
The Kerriablog

The Mountain Hut of Kurobe (Part I)

Hi, I'm "Staff T" from The Kerria Project. I love spending time in the mountains and taking photos, and I'd like to sha...